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EEG HD480 Smart Encoder V expands capabilities with new audio metadata software module

EEG has upgraded its HD480 Smart Encoder V with advanced audio metadata software. With the addition of this module, EEG’s digital closed-captioning solution now provides a highly configurable tool that reads and writes audio metadata in the HD VANC space. The HD480 VANC metadata solution simplifies routing and allows easy control of dialog normalization and other critical AC-3 parameters.

This flexible new software upgrade can be used either as a VANC metadata inserter, which encodes metadata into the VANC space on a configurable line number, DID and SDID, or as a VANC metadata decoder, which recovers previously encoded metadata and outputs it on a serial port to an AC-3 encoder. These features are selectable through a Web configuration utility that also controls a data capture interface to enable metadata storage in the form of preset files for future use. Additional tools are included to create new preset files with custom settings for the most commonly used features such as program configuration and dialog norm.

With the addition of audio metadata functionality, the HD480 Smart Encoder V does even more to streamline and integrate the line 21/HD-VANC encoding process into one powerful box.

In addition, all HD480s ship with EEG’S iCap real-time captioning system, which taps the power of IP connections for vastly increased quality, security and manageability.

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