Editware Opens Burbank Office

Editware recently opened a new office in Burbank, Calif. dedicated to sales and support for the Fastrack Non-Linear/Linear Hybrid Editing System.

A company official stated that Editware opened the office to provide extra support for the editing system to the creative community in Hollywood.

The company designed the Fastrack Non-Linear/Linear Hybrid Editing System to interface with and control disk-based video servers, and to control VTRs, mixers, switchers, character generators and other peripheral devices. It is a hybrid system incorporating a GUI for a "see and hear" editing process with 80 channels displayed in groups of eight, each represented by its own track on the Fastrack GUI.

Fastrack supports hybrid high-definition and digital-cinema editing from tape and/or disk, with the same level of control as standard-definition editors. Control for multiple HD servers with 80 server channels is available to support high-definition frame rates of 25fps and 30fps. Fastrack also supports 24P.