EBU selects Nevion HD transport equipment for Winter Games

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is using Nevion video transport technology for the Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia. High-quality HD signals are being transmitted using JPEG 2000 compression from EBU broadcast members at a number of sporting venues to the EBU’s international broadcast center in Vancouver.

Nevion’s JPEG 2000 compression-based Ventura product family is providing high quality, operational savings and efficiency for live signal transmission at the games. It’s being used for content contribution as well as the monitoring and management of the various networks on-site. The Ventura line’s internal multiplexing and system management modules are supporting more than 30 HD links at the games.

The Ventura product family allows multiple cycles of signal compression and decompression without noticeable degradation of the original signal, making it ideal for the high-quality requirements of live events and sports contribution networks. JPEG 2000’s visually lossless quality and extremely low latency combine with time-division multiplexing to ensure maximum use of bandwidth and a high degree of flexibility.

Nevion’s DataMiner, a complete network management system, has also been selected to monitor and manage video transport equipment used at the games. DataMiner interfaces with both Nevion and third-party element managers throughout the transport chain to create a high-level view and flexible central control.

Ventura equipment is used for global events such as the Academy Awards and Rose Bowl Parade broadcasts in the United States, and will be deployed for the 2010 World Cup from South Africa.