DVS adds 3-D support to Clipster

At the 2011 NAB Show, DVS will unveil an updated version of its Clipster platform that features automatic 3-D correction for the quick, efficient editing of stereoscopic material. The Clipster also facilitates convenient processing of RAW material from the ARRI Alexa camera, enabling subsequent control of camera parameters during post production.

Clipster will be shown with an enhanced tool set for 3-D post, including high-quality hardware that can be used for 3-D digital cinema packages in real time. This will significantly speed up the process for creating 3-D subtitles in 4K as well as DCI mastering. Integrated in Clipster is new STAN software, a real-time correction tool that can be used in both automatic and manual modes.

Clipster now also processes RAW material from the ARRI Alexa camera and supports relevant camera parameters. The DI workstation combines the RAW data with other file and video formats, in doing so ensuring a flexible workflow for data processing. In addition, Clipster handles the 2K formats offered by the Sony SRW 5800/2 source deck.

See DVS at the 2011 NAB Show in Booth SL3305.