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UAE telecom operator du is teaming up with Middle East Broadcasting Centre (MBC) to offer exclusive "mobisodes" for du 3G customers during Ramadan. The new programs are being developed by MoBC, the new mobile programming division of MBC.

The four-minute mobisodes of the Arabic-language programs "Tash Ma Tash", "Baini Wo Bainak", and "Land of the Prophets" have been optimized for viewing on mobile devices. They are available for on-demand viewing at no cost to du customers with compatible 3G devices. Previews and behind-the-scenes clips are also being offered.

According to a report in Gulf News, MBC Chief Operating Officer and General Manager Sam Barnett said that the du–MBC Ramadan pilot service would help prove the appeal of mobile programming and delineate the business case for such services.

The two plan to offer further mobisode programming after Ramadan.