DSI RF Systems Announces 4G NewsShark

SOMERSET, N.J. – DSI RF Systems, a broadcast services and hardware developer, introduces the new iteration of the NewsShark transmission systems electronic news-gathering platform.

The company will deliver the 4G SD, HD, SDI-capable NewsShark this month.

The 4G/WiFi NewsShark is designed specifically for broadcast use and utilizes embedded 4G-modem technology along with digital signal processing-based encoding to deliver a lower latency and bandwidth stream than software-based systems.

The 4G NewsShark is a single-modem system, using application-specific DSP design and engineering. It also has no need for third party aggregation.

The system is a 2.2 pound encoder unit that snaps on the back of a camera mount and a single rack-unit decoder. The encoder employs a user selectable cellular / Wi-Fi transmission system with dual IFB and an internal battery that keeps the unit transmitting even when hot-swapping external power packs. The comprehensive, user interface screen is designed to permit visibility in both day and night environments.

The 4G NewsShark includes DSI’s Robustivity technology, which allows throughput of video at lower bandwidths than bonded modem technology.

Technical presentations of the NewsShark 4G can be found at the Broadcast & Technology Expo in Verona, N.Y. on Oct. 11 or the IEEE Broadcast Symposium in Alexandria, Va. from Oct. 17-19. For more information about these events, visit http://www.sbe22expo.org/ and http://bts.ieee.org/broadcastsymposium/.