DSC Labs unveils 3-DZ camera test chart

DSC Labs will unveil its new 3-D camera test chart, the 3-DZ, at the 2011 NAB Show.

Initially announced as the prototype "Pilot 3D Chart," the 3-DZ is engineered to quickly pinpoint imprecision in subjective and inefficient setup procedures.

According to DSC Labs President David Corley, misaligned rigs could be responsible not only for causing headaches, but also for giving 3-D a bad image. The 3-DZ adds the “Z” dimension that is vital in stereo imaging.

The 3-DZ consists of five LED lights with adjustable brightness for daylight and studio settings to help simplify the adjustment of virtually any 3-D rig. The four corner LEDs provide basic frame alignment and the “Schnoz," a central, adjustable LED, is used to set interocular distance and convergence.

See DSC Labs at the 2011 NAB Show in Booth C10215.