Dr. Richard Chernock to Give Talks on ATSC 3.0

PRINCETON, N.J. – As the Advanced Television Systems Committee prepares to launch the new ATSC 3.0 standard, Triveni Chief Science Officer and Chair of ATSC’s Technology and Standards Group, Dr. Richard Chernock, is speaking at a pair of upcoming international conferences on topics related to ATSC 3.0. Chernock will first attend BMSB 2015 in Ghent, Beligum, and then at the 2015 Korean Society of Broadcast Engineers Summer Conference in Jeju City, South Korea.

Dr. Richard Chernock

“ATSC 3.0 drastically changes the way in which broadcast content is delivered, while enabling a superior TV experience for consumers,” said Chernock. “AT BMSB 2015 and the KSoBE Summer Conference, I will provide attendees with an overview of the technologies and benefits that ATSC 3.0 offers to the broadcast community, as well as explaining how use of the standard can generate additional local broadcast revenue.”

Chernock gave his keynote presentation, “ATSC 3.0: Next Generation Broadcast Television,” at BMSB 2015 on June 17 at 9 a.m. Chernock also led a session on broadcast systems, discussing topics like NGB-E, ultra-high-speed mobile broadband multimedia transmission systems, and adaptive broadcast beamforming techniques.

His presentation at KSoBE will provide an overview of the technologies involved with the next-generation broadcast system, status of ATSC 3.0 activity, including its anticipated time schedule.

The 2015 KSoBE Summer Conference will take place from July 1-3 at Cheju National University International House.