Dolby unveils new reference monitor

Dolby Laboratories is targeting professionals who require the most accurate measurement tools for color-critical work with its new PRM-4200 Professional Reference Monitor. The new 42in monitor is an LCD-based video reference display that accurately reveals true and deep black levels with higher contrast across the entire color spectrum. It also provides an impressive luminance range and level that delivers the accuracy of previous CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors and the versatility of flat-panel displays.

The new monitor uses a backlight comprised of red, green and blue LEDs that are modulated individually on a frame-by-frame basis. The LCD panel is also modulated in real time as part of the dual-modulation process.

Other key features of the PRM-4200 Professional Reference Monitor include extended dynamic range; DCI/P3 (digital cinema) color gamut support; color accuracy across all luminance levels; and the versatility to emulate any other display device so that all content preparation and quality evaluation can be accomplished on one monitor.

The new monitor is scheduled to be available later this year.