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Doc Director Bean Lights Caves with Litepanels MicroPro

VAN NUYS, CA.: Cinematographer Stephen Bean used MicroPro LED camera lights from Litepanels on his most recent film project, a documentary titled "The Undo Cave expedition 2011". Bean works at University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland and is responsible for the ENG/EFP section of the Film Unit there. Together with an international team of archeology students and scientists from UCC, Bean traveled to the Republic of Georgia to document the work of archaeologists in their search for Paleolithic DNA. They were accompanied by three MicroPro LED camera lights from Litepanels, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company.

"To make filming in the complete darkness of the cave passages possible at all, we had to rely on dependable lighting equipment," says Bean. "That's why the MicroPro camera light by Litepanels was the perfect companion for our project."

The Litepanels light was used in the cave as well as when filming interviews with the archaeologists in front of the cave. "The LED light provided the right light no matter what the requirements were: in the cave as a key light and during the interviews as a fill light, which I adjusted with color gels," says Bean. The MicroPro provides bright, soft and flicker-free daylight. With the color gels included in the set-up, the color temperature can be easily and quickly adjusted to the respective lighting conditions. "The possibility of powering the lights with a battery belt was especially practical for us. This way I was able to follow the archaeologists deep into the cave and didn't have to worry about suddenly standing in the dark with the camera," emphasizes Bean. "The MicroPro won me over and clearly made demanding work easier for me."