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DNF Controls offers push-button control for Chyron Channel Box

DNF Controls DNF Controls, a provider of control solutions for sports productions, is now supplying its Universal Switch Panel (USP) on an OEM basis to Chyron. Sold by Chyron as the “Control Master,” DNF Controls has customized the USP to give Chyron’s Channel Box 3.0 users fast, reliable push-button control in place of using a Windows interface.

Channel Box V3.0 is the latest software release for Chyron’s branding and automated promo systems, designed for easy integration with facility automation, traffic and management systems.

Available in 8- and 16-button configurations, the compact 1RU Control Master panel is perfectly suited for installations with limited space.

DNF’s standard USP is easily configurable via a Web browser. Similarly, Chyron’s Control Master version of the panel is configured from the Channel Box Windows user interface.

Buttons can be easily configured to control any scene within the Channel Box database, including dynamically updating text within a scene. Leveraging the power of DNF’s USP platform, each button of the Control Master supports multiple states: the first press may “open” a scene, the next press “play” the scene, etc. Each button is backlit in a choice of colors and features LCD text, both of which can be programmed to change dynamically based on state. Buttons will flash red if an error condition exists. All communication is transmitted via Ethernet, keeping installation simple.