DNF Controls offers AnyWhere Interface Box

DNF Controls has developed a compact, single-box solution that provides eight opto-isolated GPI inputs, eight relay contact closure GPO outputs, one RS-422/RS-232 serial port and one 10BASE-T Ethernet port. Called the AnyWhere Interface Box (AIB), it is designed for broadcast and professional video production projects.

The AIB makes it cost-effective for users to establish reliable interoperability between incompatible systems or extend the functionality of existing systems that would otherwise require costly custom programming or interfacing.

The AIB supports GPI-to-GPO(s), GPI-to-serial, GPI-to-Ethernet and GPI-to-SNMP control; serial-to-GPO, Ethernet-to-GPO and SNMP-to-GPO monitoring; and serial-to-Ethernet and serial-to-SNMP conversions, all of which are user-configurable.

The unit provides a Web browser-based user interface featuring a series of drop-down menus and fill-in-the-box entries that make it easy to map an event input (GPI, serial, Ethernet, SNMP) to one or more action outputs (GPO, serial, Ethernet, SNMP). The configuration is saved in nonvolatile storage in the AIB and can be saved to and restored from a PC.

The AIB can be powered by PoE or an optional 12W external power supply. The box itself measures 8.25in x 4.125in x 1.5in.