DNF Controls backs up HBO in Latin America

DNF Controls of Sylmar, California has delivered a customized control system to HBO Latin America that streamlines the facility’s process for backing up program content.

Based on the company’s ST300 controller and SW1x8 RS-422 Port Switcher, the new system simultaneously creates tape dubs during ingest of material to a Profile videodisk server from Thomson Grass Valley.

The new installation was designed to simplify workflow and save operator time. Monitoring the facility’s Harris automation system as it controls the ingest of program content to the video servers, the DNF controller automatically and simultaneously creates exact clones of the original content for backup.

The upgrade was “a real time-saving, affordable, and easy-to-use alternative to expanding our automation system,” said Sandra Conejos, senior director of engineering and RF for HBO Latin America.

For more information visit www.dnfcontrols.com.

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