Disney to Launch U.S. Tour to Promote Blu-ray

Walt Disney Studios said this week it plans to conduct a traveling demo exhibit next month at 18 shopping malls around the United States to promote the Blu-ray Disc format and the studio’s various Blu-ray titles.

Disney’s Magical Blu-ray Tour will be sponsored by Panasonic (opens in new tab), which will provide several HD plasma monitors for the demo. The tour will include an “interactive exhibit designed to educate consumers about the new high-definition home entertainment technology” and will feature interactive kiosks, viewing stations and an adjacent presentation theater, Disney said this week.

Apart from attempting to dazzle consumers with HD disc technology and promote its own Blu-ray titles, Disney said it also hopes to provide some clarity to “the growing consumer confusion around high-definition home entertainment and educating them on the benefits of Blu-ray Disc technology.”

The Blu-ray tour begins on Aug. 17 at the Westfield Topanga Mall in Canoga Park near Los Angeles, with several stops planned in the American Midwest and East. Toshiba conducted a similar tour to promote HD DVD more than a year ago.