Dish Offers Discounted Google TV Box

ENGLEWOOD, COLO.: Dish Network is offering the Google TV set-top box to new and existing subscribers for only $179--around $120 off the list price. Dish is offering the Logitech Revue to subscribers with specific satellite set-top receivers--HDTV boxes and VIP 622, 722 and 722k digital video recorders. The addition of the Revue also requires Dish's $4 a month DVR integration services

Dish got a shout-out at the Google TV blog, which said nothing about Fox pulling its programming off the platform. Fox did so this week after briefly allowing access. None of the Big Four broadcasters have yet announced deals to optimize for Google TV, a combination of hardware and software that transmits web content to TV sets. It incorporates Google’s Android operating system and Chrome Web browser, giving it an edge over typical web-to-TV players.
-- Deborah D. McAdams