Dish Network Local Market HD Count Nears 60

Dish Network said it has now extended it local HD broadcast services to subs in 59 markets—reaching what the DBS firm says is now more than two-thirds of American TV households. (Nielsen currently lists 210 Designated Market Areas in America.)

The most recent addition of HD local channels came in late May to Buffalo, N.Y. (DMA No. 50).

Dish is in a fierce battle with satellite competitor DirecTV, as well as cable and FiOS services, to grow its HD offerings in as many markets as possible, and as quickly as possible. For its part, Dish last year announced its goal of 100 local HD markets—and 100 national HD channels—by the end of 2008.

In May, Dish added about two dozen national HD channels to its lineup (HD Notebook, May 14, 2008).