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Discreet delivers character studio 4

Discreet is now shipping character studio 4, a new character animation software package that empowers game developers and effects artists to new levels of sophistication in creating complex, realistic animated characters.

Advancements such as dynamics-based mixing, constraint-based mixdowns, and intuitive Quaternion Function Curves are featured in the new release. Dynamics-based mixing provides propagation of dynamic balancing from the upper body to the lower body, which is critical for making body part mixes look natural and coherent.

Constraint-based mixdowns allow animators to mix nonlinear sequences into a single clip while satisfying feet IK and knee joint motion constraints. This provides for the smooth blending of multiple files as well as motion capture with key-framed data.

Quaternion Function Curves give animators a more exact method of fluidly controlling character joint rotation without the usual caveats found in other animation systems.

Discreet’s character studio package is used as a companion software extension to Discreet's modeling, animation and rendering solution 3ds max version 4 and 5.

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