Discovery promotes 'Storm Chasers' via mobile

Discovery Channel is promoting the fourth season of its “Storm Chasers” TV show with an in-application based on Medialets’ crossplatform, rich media advertising technology. The ads will run on a variety of publishers’ iPhone apps, including Variety,, CBS Sports, Pandora and WeatherBug. The promotion is a take-over screen that is activated when the user taps anywhere within the application. The tap triggers an animated tornado, with sound effects and physical vibrations, that wipes away what’s on the screen and then “cracks” it. The end message prompts the viewer to click to watch the “Storm Chasers” trailer. Discovery’s research showed that the show’s 25-to-54-year-old demographic is one that heavily consumes media and is receptive to content involving sports, human-interest stories and engaging, hands-on technology.

For both “Storm Chasers” and Discovery’s “MythBusters,” Discovery partnered with GetGlue, the mobile social media platform, so viewers can connect with other fans and collect stickers.