Discovery Communications selects TM Systems for language customization

Discovery Communications (DCI) announced an alliance with TM Systems, a software company that markets turnkey solutions for all aspects of the language customization process. As part of this new alliance, DCI will distribute its program content digitally to its global language customization vendors utilizing the proprietary technology incorporated in TM Systems' PrepStation. The TM Systems TranStation will be used for quality control of documents created by Discovery's network of language customization vendors.

TM technology significantly reduces the overall time and cost of the entire language localization process as compared with conventional means. TM's software works to and from any language, with any character set; eliminates the need for videotape and VCRs; automatically inserts timecodes and character names; assures consistency among languages and between dubbed and subtitled versions; does away with videotape duplication and shipping costs; and reduces the opportunity for piracy of the video content.

TM offers an integrated suite of language localization tools. The PrepStation creates digitized content that is designed to be utilized by TM's other localization tools, including the TranStation for transcription, translation and preparation of dubbing and subtitling documents; the DubStation for recording session management and the SubStation for video subtitling. All TM localization tools are Unicode compliant and maintain complete functionality in all languages and with all character sets.

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