DigitalVision 2010 is Today

NEW YORK, WASHINGTON and LOS ANGELES: DigitalVision 2010, a virtual preview of the NAB Show coming up in April, will be live online today Wednesday, Jan. 20.

The event includes virtual exhibits, featuring video presentations, live chats, product information, and prize giveaways. Exhibitors include event sponsor Sony, additional sponsors Harris and Omneon, and virtual exhibits Clear-Com, Digital Rapids, Ensemble Designs, Mid-Atlantic Products, Snell, VCI Solutions, Viewcast, Wohler Technologies and the NAB Show exhibit. Registration is still available at

A rundown of events, all in Eastern Standard Times, is as follows:
10 a.m.-7 p.m. Live Interactive Exhibit Hall
11 a.m.: TV Technology Editor-in-Chief Tom Butts Interviews NAB’s Gordon Smith about the impact of IPTV, mobile media, 3D and other issues affecting the broadcast industry.
1 p.m.: Sony’s PDW-F800 and PMW-EX1: Battle Proven in Afghanistan
3 p.m.: Harris Vice President Brian Cabeceiras offers insight on advanced media workflow innovations to save money and create new revenue streams.
4 p.m.: John Abel, of Team Lightbulb, provides a broad overview of broadband technology policy and business issues.
5 p.m.: Omneon’s Senior Vice President Geoff Stedman on why media storage is different than IT storage, and what to consider when purchasing a storage system.

Scheduled Chats in the DigitalVision 2010 Lounge:
10:30 a.m.: Olympic Broadcasting, Mark Hallinger, TV Technology Europe
11:30 a.m.: Broadband Video, John Abel, Team Lightbulb
12 p.m.: Surveillance and Security, Sanjay Talwani, Government Video Magazine
12:30 p.m.: New Cameras: 2K, 4K and Beyond, Cristina Clapp, Videography
1:30 p.m.: Audio Loudness Issues, James O’Neal, TV Technology
2 p.m.: 3DTV, Tom Butts, TV Technology
2:30 p.m.: Mobile TV Rollout, Deborah McAdams, Television Broadcast
3:30 p.m.: Producing Content for Multiple Screens, Cristina Clapp, Videography
4:30 p.m.: What’s Possible in 3D Production, Dave Williams, DV Magazine
The Lounge will also feature a job board and a resource center with downloadable white papers, reviews and articles.

All-day, on-demand access will be available to panel discussions and Webcasts covering:
Mobile TV
3 Gbps Plant Signal Distribution
Audio Loudness Issues
Content Management
Advance Digital Home Entertainment Technology
Downloading/Streaming HD Over-the-Air
Stereoscopic Vision: How do we see in 3D?
The Mobile Media for Video, Voice and Data: Getting to 4G