DigitalGlue Handles IP Video Transmission for Stonegate

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIF.—Stonegate Fellowship, a church in Midland, Texas, is going with an IP video transmission system from DigitalGlue to transmit live, broadcast-quality video and audio to the church’s remote campus. Using an IP network and encoding technologies, Stonegate can reach its congregation and both locations 20-miles apart simultaneously.

VideoFlow DVP

The DigitalGlue system incorporates encoding and decoding equipment and the VideoFlow Digital Video Protection system. The main Midland campus features a Harmonic Ellipse 3100 contribution encoder; it receives the camera feeds and encodes them into a MPEG 4 AVC HD video for distribution over the Internet. The VideoFlow DVP system guards the transmission against artefacts, packet loss, and jitter.

At the Odessa, Texas campus, another VideoFlow DVP system receives the stream and passes it along to a Harmonic ProView integrated receiver, decoder. Cameras at the Odessa location then transmit audience footage back to Midland.

DigitalGlue is a provider of equipment, integration, and software development for the production and distribution of digital video.