Digital signage provider nears completion of veterinary hospital network

California-based digital signage solution provider emebaVet is getting help in its quest to complete 200 lobby installations of its nationwide 1000-veterinary hospital informational network by the end of this year. NEC is supplying emebaVet with two 40in NEC MultiSync LCD4020 displays for each location hosting the network in its hospital waiting room.

With the average wait time in a single-doctor veterinary clinic at 17 minutes, emebaVet is attempting to monetize thousands of captive, targeted audiences across the country by creating a digital signage network to deliver information and educational content to waiting pet owners. Working closely with veterinarians, the company developed customized signage content for each clinic to enhance the pet owner-veterinarian relationship.

Using an IP-based connection, images containing general clinic information, doctor biographies, animal trivia and pet health tips rotate through a continuous loop. Localized news, weather, targeted advertising and entertainment also are displayed in the mix.

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