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Digital cinema forum to begin SMPTE conference

SMPTE has put the finishing touch on its program and presentation selection for the SMPTE Technical Conference and Exhibition. The event, scheduled to take place Nov 9-12 in New York City, begins with a full-day forum on Digital Cinema.

The morning session will feature representatives from the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) consortium conducting a detailed tutorial explaining the core sections of their specification. SMPTE will conduct the afternoon session and will broaden the exploration of works in progress relating to digital cinema.

The following three days of the conference will cover 12 sessions that focus on a broad range of technologies and infrastructures relating to the creation and management of digital content. Recent developments in digital SD and HD television will be highlighted. A special focus on content creation will examine new products and systems for HDTV newsgathering, small format HDV acquisition, and large sensor digital motion imaging.

Other sessions will focus on areas of digital infrastructure including digital storage systems, digital sound for broadcast and cinema, media infrastructure (such as MXF, GXF, and AAF) and IP-based broadcast plant.

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