Digital Alert Systems Announces Version 5.1 Software For DASDEC, One-Net

Digital Alert Systems
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LYNDONVILLE, N.Y.—Digital Alert Systems today unveiled Version 5.1 for its DASDEC and One-Net platforms, bringing a new UI and upgraded operating system to units in the field.

Marking the first time Version 5 software has been available for older DASDEC-II and One-Net SE units, the latest version improves the experience of users and increases security of the overall architecture, the company said.

Version 5.1 builds on the new, fresher user interface introduced in Version 5 and showcased in the DASDEC-III device. Offering greater visual clarity, the new release highlights the security of the company’s download server and is a steppingstone to Version 5.2, which will include FCC-mandated changes, it said.

"With the updated user interface that our DASDEC-III customers have enjoyed now available for older DASDEC and One-Net units, Version 5.1 is a big step up for many broadcasters," said Bill Robertson, vice president of business development at Digital Alert Systems. "There's also a more powerful, more stable and updated operating system for even greater security. We're laying the groundwork to accommodate all the latest FCC mandates — new capabilities that will be available for free to all Version 5-series customers with our Version 5.2 release coming soon."

Available in mid-May, Version 5.1 is free to all customers who are either actively enrolled in the company’s Software Assurance Plan, have purchased a new DASDEC or recently took advantage of its UP-TRADE program. Costs for other users depend on hardware compatibility and the age of their current system, it said.

Version 5.1 requires a DASDEC or One-Net unit with a 64-bit processor to install and operate the latest code. All units shipped since 2016 have a 32-/64-bit processor, so owners of those devices can simply install Version 5.1 using Digital Alert Systems' secure field upgrade server. Once on Version 5.1, all in-version upgrades will be available at no charge, it said.

More information is available on the company’s website

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