Deutsche Telekom Teams With Microsoft for IPTV

Bonn, Germany-based telecom operator Deutsche Telekom AG (opens in new tab) is using Microsoft's (opens in new tab) IPTV software to deliver Internet Protocol television services to consumers across Germany.

The Deutsche Telekom Group will use Microsoft TV IPTV Edition software platform to deliver next-gen TV, interactive services and a range of entertainment products over its VDSL broadband networks. The two companies will also embark on a joint marketing campaign as well.

"IPTV delivered via VDSL will enable better, more service-oriented, more interactive and, above all, more customized television," said Kai-Uwe Ricke, chairman of the Board of Management for Deutsche Telekom AG.

The platform will enable customers to receive regular TV programs and advanced TV services including SD and HD programs, digital video recording and video-on-demand. It will also enable viewers to interact with television programs, which could include voting, accessing sports scores and league tables, and participating in competitions to win prizes.

IPTV services will be delivered through a new VDSL network, which is currently being extended by T-Com. The network is expected to permit bandwidths up to 50 Mbps and is planned for launch in 10 major German cities including Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich starting mid-2006.

"Working together, Microsoft and Deutsche Telekom will help create a revolution in TV entertainment for consumers across Germany and France," said Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft.

Microsoft said the agreement reached between the two companies is its largest IPTV contract in Europe to date and its second largest worldwide.