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Dejero to offer turnkey ENG service for papal succession

News organizations covering the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the conclave of Roman Catholic cardinals who will choose his successor have access to reporting from a perch with a panoramic view of the Vatican.

Dejero, creator of the LIVE+ Platform of bonded wireless uplink systems for ENG, announced Feb. 28 that it is offering a special package of on-location services in Rome.

Starting Feb.26, Dejero secured the use of a rooftop terrace in downtown Rome with a view of the Vatican. The terrace offers an appealing backdrop for live shots and other video coverage of the papal succession. 

Broadcasters participating in Dejero's full rooftop package have exclusive access to a portion of the terrace and will be supplied with power and a dedicated 6Mb/s Ethernet connection. Each client also has use of a Dejero LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter, enabling the broadcaster to encode and transmit HD or SD video directly over 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections.

Existing cellular towers are expected to be overwhelmed with traffic on the key celebration days, when more than 500,000 people are expected to be in attendance. To solve the problem, Dejero also has built a long-range private Wi-Fi network within the Piazza at St. Peter's Basilica that will give broadcasters the ability to transmit live video to any destination around the world from a variety of Dejero-powered mobile devices, including professional transmitters, laptop computers, iPads and iPhones. With this private network in place, live HD and SD transmissions can be broadcast with high quality and short latency, even if minimal or no bandwidth is available from the cellular networks. 

"The succession of the pope promises to be one of the most high-profile events of 2013, and these pivotal events in the life of the Catholic Church will be closely followed by viewers around the world. Since Pope Benedict's resignation was so sudden, we realized that many broadcasters might be scrambling to secure resources and budget for their own coverage. That's why we've created this turnkey service offering and made it available to our customers," said Bogdan Frusina, CTO at Dejero.