Decisionmark announces

The company's new Web site informs consumers about the benefits and availability of digital television

Decisionmark's teaches consumers about HDTV.

Decisionmark's new cross-industry supported digital television (DTV) education site is now available for consumer use.

With, consumers can find answers to questions about the availability and benefits of HD. The site includes a comprehensive guide for DTV and HDTV channels and programming broadcast to a consumer’s exact location.

The Web site provides an interactive, printable Buyer’s Guide that consumers can take to their local retailers to use as a research tool in the DTV shopping process. The Buyer’s Guide comes with customized information on the channels received, products of interest, local retail locations and antenna recommendations.

Also on the site is a guide to HDTV provided by the Consumer Electronics Association. The section also includes HD and DTV TV FAQs, along with terms and definitions.

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