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Dalet debuts new media asset management platform

Dalet Systems has developed a new series of next-generation media asset management (MAM) software solutions: Media Life, Sports Factory and News Suite.

The company’s Media Asset Management engine was integrated with production software aimed at specific workgroups — news, sports, programs and archives. With support for virtually every industry standard codec and an open platform for third-party integrations, the new solutions enable customers to greatly improve their processes and take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

Media Life is an enterprise solution designed to meet the complex production and asset management needs of multiplatform content providers such as networks, thematic channels and promo departments that deal with high volumes of video and audio programming — from movies and TV series to cartoons, promos and jingles. It focuses on program preparation, bridging the gap that currently exists between rights/planning systems and many automation/delivery systems.

Sports Factory features sports production tools with highlights creation and instant replay, enriched with a strong MAM layer, add a new dimension and value to sports programs. Its highlights and replay components cover all the moves — logging, play-by-play highlights and playback, and instant replay with multiple camera angles and slow motion.

Media is logged once and immediately available for use in programs and packages. Unlike typical sports productions, Sports Factory integrates production archives, ensuring all media assets are at your fingertips during and after the game.

News Suite applies the principle of story-centric production, in which all departments of the newsroom collaborate in a multimedia-oriented production — from the news desk, planning coverage and production, to the control room. It fully integrates desktop scripting with video and multimedia tools, providing a smooth and intuitive workflow, from ingest through automated playout and multiplatform delivery.