Daktronics Integrates DNF Controls' ST304 Slo-Mo Controller Into Large Screen Display Systems at Sports Arenas

DNF Controls announced that Daktronics, a manufacturer of dynamic visual communication and sound systems, has integrated DNF's ST304 slow-motion controller into the Daktronics ProShow video production package to support the production of instant replays and highlight reels at sports stadiums and arenas nationwide.

"As a standard part of our ProShow package, the DNF ST304 integrates directly with the Sony DSR-DR1000A hard disk recorder. The combination of these products allows our users to have immediate access to footage for instant replays while simultaneously continuing to record live action, making on-site video production a much more user-friendly process," said Daktronics Technical Services Engineer Bob Seeley. "The simple interface and immediate access the ST304 provides is essential during sporting events where instant replays and sponsorship branding information must be deployed quickly before the next play starts."

With the ST304's streamlined user interface, Daktronics' customers can quickly mark up to 100 cue points per channel for instant replays or for later use in creating end-of-game highlights. The system supports two
record and two replay channels. These cue points are retained even when the product is powered off, allowing material to be loaded onto a nonlinear editing system after the game for additional post-production work. Users can quickly and easily control the speed of replay from 0 percent to 200 percent with either a tactile wheel or T-bar. With a footprint of just 12 inches by 6 inches, the ST304 easily integrates into virtually any video production setting.

"With DNF Controls' extensive experience in the industry and success in product integration, we knew we'd found a good fit for our customers," added Seeley. "Their product has enabled us to offer a more well-rounded package and the response from the ProShow users has been fantastic. Video production staffs, particularly at smaller schools and facilities, don't always know what it takes to create the multi-angle replays they want. With Daktronics' expertise and DNF Controls' technology, the process of creating dynamic, on-the-fly replays has truly become seamless."

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