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DAE Opens, Closes Olympics With Fairlight

Steve Logan and an Associate at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Behind the scenes, it was Fairlight technology that helped Australian production company David Atkins Enterprises (DAE) ensure that the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics were spectacular.

DAE used four Fairlight Xynergi systems to deliver the audio for the two ceremonies — two were used for main playback and two for backup. The main Xynergi systems also provided the master time code for all other systems including video projection (from ETC), film projection, pyrotechnics, lighting, automation, lasers and show call. Even the conductor and performers relied on Fairlight as they all received their click and cue tracks from the Xynergis.

Both shows were edited on the Xynergi using media imported via Broadcast Wave and OMF files. QuickTime videos were also imported for reference during editing.

“The separate systems consisted of one Xynergi as the main playback while the second Xynergi was a looping and A/B roll system providing continuous audio program,” said DAE’s Steve Logan, who together with colleage Rob Stefanson was in charge of the Fairlight operation. “This allowed for easy transition between the two systems using some very clever editing and synchronization that only Fairlight could do.”

Multitrack stems were fed to front of house, monitoring and broadcast consoles via multiple MADI streams.