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‘Cutthroat Kitchen’ Cooking with RGEAR’s RAD Intercom System

LINCOLN, NEB. – Food Network show “Cutthorat Kitchen” is adding some new ingredients to the pot with the recent acquisition of two Radio Active Design UV1-G wireless intercom systems, featuring Enhanced Narrow Band technology, from RGEAR.

Nick Norton, audio technician for RGEAR, with the RAD UV1-G wireless intercom system in use on 'Cutthroat Kitchen.'

RGEAR, Burbank, Calif.-based rental house that provides audio and video systems, equipped “Cutthroat Kitchen” with a 4 RU rack loaded with two 1 RU base stations. The Enhanced Narrow Band wireless intercom system offers RF channels possessing an occupied bandwidth of a mere 25 kHz with the audio characteristics expected of a traditional FM system. The UV1-G uses VHF for the belt pack portable devices, giving more room for other wireless devices.

The RAD UV1-G was also used during the NBA All-Star game at Madison Square Garden in New York back in February.