Creative Technology adds Grass Valley HD cameras to inventory

Creative Technology Group, an international supplier of audio/visual equipment for the rental and staging of large events, has ordered 10 Grass Valley LDK 3000 multiformat HD cameras.

With its ability to use triax instead of fiber in the field, the LDK 3000 became the choice for Creative Technology, which feels triax is more robust than fiber. Also, with the Grass Valley LDK operational control panel, a master control unit is not required for remote control.

Creative Technology also liked the new 7in LCD viewfinder, which provides excellent contrast and minimizes smear on quick pans, due to its high refresh rate. This makes it ideal for live sports applications.

The LDK 3000 camera supports all (1080i50/60 and 720p50/60) HD formats using three 2/3in, 2.4-million pixel Xensium imagers. The imagers provide features such as double digital sampling, dual integrated A/D converters and an advanced selectable color matrix.

The LDK 3000s will be paired with the Grass Valley Kayak HD production switcher. Creative Technology also owns numerous Grass Valley Turbo and T2 Intelligent Digital Disk Recorders (iDDRs) as well as several Kayak and other SD and HD video production switchers.