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CPC-Manzanta Team to Deliver Tapeless DTV Captioning

CPC (the Computer Prompting & Captioning Co.) has partnered with Manzanita Systems to reduce the cost and complexity involved in HD MPEG-2 closed captioning.

Manzanta is a provider of MPEG technology and has worked with CPC in the creation of MacCaption-HD captioning software that seamlessly interfaces with Manzanta’s software multiplexer products to generate transport stream files that contain EIA-708 closed captioning.

The FCC requires that such HD stream files contain both EIA-608 and EIA-708 captioning. However, until the development of the new software, the only way to add EIA-708 captioning to elementary streams was via HD tape decks and hardware HD captioning encoding gear. The new MacCaption-HD development allows the creation of HD transport files with software only, but users still have the option of employing hardware encoders if desired.

The new software also allows television stations to monitor MPEG-2 streams for both 608 and 708 captions prior to airing a show with dual captioning.