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Cosmetics Gear Up for Merciless HD Close-ups

The "Numeric Proof" professional makeup line by Distrimaq, a French cosmetics distribution company, is now being marketed as a set of products especially formulated for actors, models and TV anchors appearing in HD, as well as others who undergo the cruel scrutiny of detailed digital imaging. The products have been on the market for about three years.

The new line (encompassing some 200 products and accessories beyond makeup foundations) is designed to offer skin coverage and luminosity to "hide imperfections highlighted by digital processing, while still leaving a natural surface on the skin," according to Distrimaq.

The HD-centric cosmetics were developed after two years of research and the result, claims the marketing literature, is a "carefully balanced formula, which is both matte and luminous. The skin can breathe, features stay natural in the image, and the face preserves its glow in all circumstances." (Sounds so French, oui?)

Numeric Proof, created in Paris, is now available in 11 countries, including the U.S., and may be coming to an HD set near you.