Convergent Design adds anaglyph recording to nano3D

Convergent Design’s nano3D recorder simplifies 3-D field production by incorporating image-processing functions within the recorder. It offers isolated left/right-channel recording, necessary for post production rotate, crop and resize operations. In addition, the nano3D provides a simple workflow that is scalable from 2-D to 3-D, so production and rental companies don’t have to invest in different recording technologies‚ according to Mike Schell, president of Convergent Design.

The company is now offering a new firmware upgrade (available to existing customers for free) that adds anaglyph capability, allowing users to evaluate the stereoscopic images using a standard 2-D HD monitor. This eliminates the need to purchase and transport large, expensive 3-D monitors for field production. In addition to anaglyph, a 50/50 combine function has been added to help judge vertical and horizontal disparities.

There’s also a revamped menu control for the nano3D that includes a menu sync function. Instead of changing menus for the individual left and right recorders, all menu changes to the master (left) recorder will automatically be duplicated (synched) in the slave (right) recorder. Additionally, no menu changes will be required to switch between record and playback modes.

The new nano3D 1.6.145 firmware can be downloaded at