Convera announces new screening room products

Convera announced a new version of its Screening Room product line, enabling users to more effectively leverage the use of their video content in support of corporate communications, e-Learning, knowledge management, training, video archiving and video production initiatives.

In addition, Screening Room 2.3 users now can extend their deployments to include the search, retrieval and categorization of more than 200 proprietary document formats through interoperability with Convera’s RetrievalWare® 7.0.

Under Convera's unified architecture, Screening Room 2.3 and RetrievalWare 7.0 provide users with a single product that simultaneously searches and organizes all data types (such as text, video, image and audio files) in multiple languages from a single user interface. Customers will benefit from enhanced semantic network-based categorization, advanced security and cross-lingual concept-based search capabilities

New capabilities and features offered by Screening Room 2.3 include:

New Open System Architecture - Screening Room 2.3 includes a new architecture that enables integration with 3rd party asset and content management products. The product’s XML standards and system APIs facilitate easy integration with asset and content management products. Screening Room’s modular architecture enables key sub-components to be easily integrated into the product framework. The new open system architecture allows captured video and metadata to be easily distributed to any number of target repositories in parallel.

API Improvements - Screening Room 2.3 is fully compliant with Microsoft COM, enabling integration with Microsoft Visual Studio development tools and the new .NET environment. Additionally, all metadata within the Screening Room system is available via a new interface that returns the metadata in an XML format for easy web display or for participation in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) deployments.

Incremental Metadata Capture: Screening Room 2.3 provides users with greater flexibility during the video capture process as users now are given real time access to video asset metadata. In the past, users could not search or browse their video asset metadata until the entire video clip was ingested. Users now can perform searches and browse through thumbnail storyboard images while a video is being captured enabling immediate access to the video asset for real-time applications.

Multiple Video File Management: Screening Room 2.3 provides users with greater flexibility in the management of video files simultaneously encoded in multiple formats. Users can encode any number of video file formats in any combination of bit rates. Additionally, encoders may be distributed across multiple nodes in a network under the central control of Screening Room.

Custom Metadata Management: Screening Room 2.3 users now have complete control to personalize and customize their video assets metadata fields. Users can create unlimited metadata fields for assets, thereby allowing easy tailoring and automatic indexing of metadata fields.

Screening Room 2.3 also features discontinuous time code management, providing editors with greater flexibility when assembling video clips; new encoding and playback support for the latest platforms, including Microsoft Windows Media 7 & 8, Real 8 and QuickTime 5; improved system management compliant with Microsoft's Management Console (MMC); and seamless integration with EMC’s Avalon and OTG’s DiskExtender, two of the industry’s leading archive management systems.

Convera’s Screening Room Specifications:

Convera’s Screening Room enables video input to be captured from any source, including VHS, S-VHS, Beta, DV, DSS/satellite feeds, CD/DVD or digital video files. The product supports analog to digital encoding, closed captioning text capture, speech recognition, scene change recognition, metadata capture and incremental data commit. Screening Room runs on Windows 2000 and supports SQL Server and Oracle RDBMS for metadata storage. The product supports video search, frame and clip annotation, creation of bins and new video assets, and output of EDLs to Avid, Media 100, Grass Valley and other non-linear editing systems. Screening Room 2.3 will be available in general release within 45 days.