Computex 2008: Asus Unveils Mini-PC With Blu-ray

Asus this week is launching a small multimedia desktop PC, the Essentio CS5110, at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan, June 3-7, which will include an option for a player to read and record the Blu-ray Disc standard—which currently has no competition among HD disc technologies.

Asus, based in Taipei with North American offices in Fremont, Calif., said its latest Blu-ray device is part of Asus’s Eee Station line of mini-desktops (and which are offered in the two basic colors: white and black). The mini-PCs will be equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo microprocessors, and will offer Blu-ray Disc drives as an option.

The Essentio CS5110 is approximately 11.3-by-7.2 inches small, and is designed primarily for gaming. Those mini-computers that house Blu-ray drives are expected to carry initial price points starting at about $1,300.