Compact FOR-A switcher offers 3-D production option

FOR-A has unveiled a new option for its new HVS-4000HS multiformat video switcher that facilitates 3Gb/s and stereoscopic 3-D production. Available in 2M/E or 2.5M/E versions, the latest HANABI Series switcher also features support for HD/SD mixed inputs.

With its optional stereo 3-D function, the HVS-4000HS handle the left and right video from a stereo camera as a pair, which allows the operator to switch or invert video, add delays, execute horizontal shifts and transitions and more. While the switcher supports 1080i, 720p, NTSC and PAL signals, its optional 3G-SDI input provides support for 1080p signals.

A wide range of standard features includes 3-D DVE, six still stores (expandable to eight), four keyers for each M/E (expandable to six), macro function, external device control, video file support and built-in multiviewer. The HVS-4000HS includes 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs and 16 outputs, which can be expanded to up to 48 inputs and 24 outputs. Four utility bus channels can be used for keyer external mask, wipe border, background for M/E bus picture-in-picture, sources for keyers that do not have a dedicated bus, side panel and local still.

The HVS-4000HS 2M/E model features a control panel designed for simple, direct operations, which is available in 16- or 24-button versions. The 2.5M/E model emphasizes direct access to preset content, including a macro bus and event recall button for each M/E. Its control panel is available in 24- or 32-button versions. The 4RU main unit with redundant power supply and production options are the same for both models, so customers can upgrade to 2.5M/E even after purchasing a 2M/E model.