COMDEX Fall Serves Up a Full Plate

COMDEX Fall, which will be held in Las Vegas from November 16-21, will explore technology platforms from digital imaging and document management to real-time, networking, IT services and storage for a diverse audience of consumer and enterprise interests.

Main keynote Bill Gates will kick off the show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in a ticket-only address, followed later in the week by Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlitt Packard and Sun Microsystems founder Scott McNealy.

Aside from over 1,000 exhibitions, product launches and a recordable DVD pavilion, 10 "technology segments" will divide COMDEX under umbrellas of related interests. Located in zones on the exhibit floor, the segments offer individual keynotes, educational programs and information gatherings such as debates and sessions. These will focus on industry issues, such as the tension between owners of copyrighted material and an audience of DVD/CD-burning consumers, and a discussion on what medium will dominate the digital nerve center of the home.

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