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Comcast selects NDS as prime integrator for tru2way implementations

Comcast has chosen NDS to be the prime integrator of the company’s tru2way software integration project that uses the Cable Labs tru2way reference implementation (RI). Under this agreement, NDS’ Professional Services Group will lead set-top box testing, code development and success validation for the integration of new tru2way applications and devices for Comcast.

NDS will provide Comcast with services that optimize the RI stack, enabling uniform and reliable porting to tru2way set-top boxes. This will allow Comcast to run the same applications and services across multiple models of set-top boxes, offering a consistent user experience for subscribers and providing the company with the freedom to use a variety of hardware platforms. The NDS team will work to build the RI testing tool, implement the tests against the different set-top boxes, develop code and assist in fixing any issues.