Comcast offers Latest VOD in Anaglyph 3D

Comcast, the nation's largest TV service provider has begun offering its latest VOD title in anaglyph 3D HD.

Anaglyph what? "Anaglyph" is generally defined as a stereoscopic photo or film frame produced with two identical images superimposed and rendered in different colors, producing a stereo 3D effect when viewed through glasses with correspondingly colored filters.

For its first presentation in anaglyph, Comcast chose "The Final Destination," the third sequel in the occult-horror franchise popular with mostly young movie-goers. The cabler is making the release available on its On Demand (pay-as-you-view) service for its HD subs in 3D and HD on the same day-and-date as the title's standard DVD and Blu-ray release (Jan. 5).

The title follows other VOD movies made available by Comcast which were also 3D titles when in the theater – including "My Bloody Valentine" and "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience." (Comcast would not reveal how many subs took advantage of its 3D HD VOD offerings in the past.)

As usual, special glasses are part of the deal, and 3D anaglyph glasses are available at Comcast's various local cable offices (known to the cabler as "payment centers") and some shopping-mall and kiosk locations.