Comcast Acquires Seattle-based thePlatform

Cable operator Comcast has purchased thePlatform, a Seattle-based company that provides digital media publishing solutions. Financial details of the sale were not disclosed.

ThePlatform CEO Ian Blaine said the two companies have worked together on broadband video for a number of years. Comcast uses thePlatform to deliver video over The Fan Web site, and it was this working relationship that led to the deal in June. Blaine said thePlatform will operate independently but continue to work with Comcast on The Fan, as well as have the ability to pursue its own business.

"It's business as usual, with added help," Blaine said.

Founded in 2000, the company currently has 70 employees and Blaine said he would not be surprised to be at 100 by the end of the year. Although the plan is to keep the company headquarters in Seattle, Blaine said he intends to build out a sales team in important regions throughout the U.S. Blaine said the company would continue to serve its customers, and plans to pursue the broadband and mobile video market "aggressively."

Comcast could not be reached by deadline. It was reported that the company intends to support thePlatform's growth plan as well as its customers.