Comark Introduces Parallax Transmitter

SOUTHWICK, MASS. – Comark Communications, a DTV transmitter manufacturer and supplier, has launched their new medium and high power, liquid cooled, solid state transmitter, the Parallax.

Designed to address the changes in solid state RF device technologies and design techniques, the Parallax can be used by both large and small TV stations. With up to 16 power amplifiers, it delivers up to 27.5kW, stacked in a single rack cabinet. Power levels can be scaled higher with multiple cabinets, up to 100kW TPO, or scaled back to as few as 3 x 2kW amplifiers for 5.4kW output power.

Additional features include liquid cooling, an optimized RF design and can be controlled monitored by a smartphone via an optional WiFi connection. Parallax also comes with a built-in control redundancy, keeping the unit on-air at all times.