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Cohen Communications uses TANDBERG's HD encoder in digital daily system

The new system first transfers the film negative to tape, where an HD master is created. The HD video with audio is fed into a TANDBERG Television E5821 encoder, which feeds a MediaSonic ASI Capture Station.

Cohen Communications and Heuris have co-developed the first rentable HD MPEG encoding playback system for digital daily viewing. It uses the E5821 high-definition encoder from TANDBERG Television.

The encoding system consists of TANDBERG's E5821 HD encoder, and a MediaSonic ASI capture station. The playback system includes a MediaSonic HD player, USB 2.0 drives and a JVC high-definition projector or Panasonic plasma screen. With the system, an HD master is created after the original film negative is transferred to tape. The HD signal with audio is fed into the encoder, which feeds the MediaSonic ASI Capture Station. The HD master is controlled serially though the Capture Station.

The ASI broadcast stream is converted to a data stream and recorded onto USB 2.0, FireWire or DVD-RAM media. For playback, the system uses RUSHPLAY software from HEURIS running on MediaSonic MS9100 DP high-definition video players.

The E5821 high-definition encoder offers both standard and high-definition encoding modes. It is designed to operate as a stand-alone unit or as part of a larger system. With its SD and HD profiles, upgraded software allows it to run in variable bit rate mode.

The E5821 is constructed as a compact 2RU chassis. It features front panel control, advanced hierarchical motion estimation, closed caption support and noise reduction. Options for the E5821 include composite video inputs, PSIP insertion via an internal remultiplexer card, and four additional audio (mono) channels per module. A range of ATM and telco interfaces for AAL-1, AAL-5, SSI and ASI optical outputs are also available as system options.

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