CNBC strengthens signal distribution and monitoring with Miranda technology

CNBC has ordered an NVISION 8500 Hybrid embedded audio router with integrated audio processing, as well as a second Kaleido-X multiviewer system from Miranda Technologies for its production facility in London.

The NVISION 8500, which offers 3Gb/s/3-D/HD routing and high-performance audio processing in a single frame, will replace CNBC’s existing routing infrastructure to provide a more streamlined signal management operation and more effective redundancy. The router will integrate tightly with the Kaleido-X multiviewer system to offer highly flexible monitoring.

The hybrid router integrates de-embedding, shuffling, breakaway and re-embedding in a single frame. This means that everyday signal processing tasks, like swapping program audio tracks, can now be handled simply and elegantly within the router frame. Advanced Hybrid router cards with audio processing can be mixed with regular input, crosspoint and output cards to minimize costs.

CNBC has also installed a second Kaleido-X multiviewer to its existing multiviewer system, which is used for monitoring in the studio control room and MCR. With the new router system, a total of 144 router outputs will be linked directly to the Kaleido multiviewer system to drive 24 monitors across the entire station. The router’s rectangular matrix enables large multiviewer installations to be supported without sacrificing the core square matrix outputs.