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Cloud computing, SaaS change business as usual for broadcasters, Martinolich says

Every so often, an idea comes along that promises to change business as usual and take the broadcast industry in a whole new direction.

According to Chyron VP Jim Martinolich, cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) may be just such disruptive technologies. Martinolich, an IBC2009 panelist during the “Cloud Production and Delivery” session, Friday, Sept. 11, says there are several good reasons SaaS is becoming accepted in the broadcast industry.

SaaS offers broadcasters lower costs, faster return on investment and the ability to pay only for what’s needed. Martinolich says those types of benefits are encouraging broadcasters such as Gannett Broadcasting to transform how they create news graphics from relying on “big iron” to employing SaaS.

I spoke with Martinolich about SaaS, broadcast applications for cloud computing and what he hopes those attending his IBC2009 session will learn.