Clear-Com Intros New Intercom Linking Product Line

ALAMEDA, CALIF.--Clear-Com is now offering networking technology to link physically separated intercom systems via Ethernet/IP or fiber technology. The new product range, ICON Solutions (Intercom CONnectivity Solutions), allows users to link multiple intercom matrices together whether they are in the same building or scattered around the globe. The product line offers high performance, as well as reliable and secure communications.

The ICON Solutions are designed to interface with existing communications networks and are adaptable to bandwidth and quality parameters of those networks. Products include VoOICE2, a four-channel Ethernet/IP interface; Concert-Server, which provides 144 virtual channels and/or four-wire audio over Ethernet/IP; X6R-FX-Intercom and V3R-FX-Intercom, which interface with fiber-optic rings; FIM-202D, a two-channel fiber interface; and Eclipse-HX-Matrices, which provide up to 64 connection nodes via a fiber interface.

The new ICON devices provide Clear-Com intercom users with the ability to link with third-party intercom systems as well as with other Clear-Com installations.