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Clear-Com’s Agent-IC Breaks Down Communication Barriers for DP

Vinit Borrison (Image credit: Clear-Com)

TORONTO—As a cinematographer and filmmaker, Clear-Com’s Agent-IC has been a total game changer for the way my teams and I communicate on and off set. I’ve been looking for a solution like this for a long time, and now that I’ve used it for several of my film and TV projects, I can’t imagine working without it, especially during COVID. 

Agent-IC is a mobile intercom app that operates over 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi networks to connect to the main intercom system and permits the same communications access whether you’re on-set or on the other side of the world. 


Because it’s also Bluetooth compatible, I can just use my AirPods. I’m always wearing them anyway to take calls, so being able to do that and stay connected to the production is amazing, and it eliminates the need for belt packs and switching between headsets to talk with different departments

On set, we wear face shields and masks, so right now it’s even more difficult to wear multiple devices. Being able to use the phones everyone has in their pockets already is helpful, and by reducing the amount of high-touch, shared and wearable equipment, it adds a level of comfort for crew members in today’s circumstances. 

Off set, executives and clients who can’t come in but who are core contributors and shot callers for activities occurring on set, can download Agent-IC and be connected to our system and have real-time communications with everyone here. 

Aside from Agent-IC’s contributions to keeping TV and film operational right now, it’s provided countless other benefits that guarantee I’ll continue using it long after these restrictions subside. 

I shoot a lot of car commercials, for example, where we’re often separated by quite a distance and sometimes lose communications. With this system, the director can be anywhere instead of driving around with us, and I can be talking to the chase vehicle and the vehicle that we’re shooting wherever they are. It’s a fantastic solution.

Another huge benefit is how easily configurable it is, so those with no intercom experience can learn it in no time, and I can set it up so I can speak to each of the departments I need to, but each of them can be on their own party line so they can stay on their channel and talk without disrupting other departments. 


Agent-IC breaks down communications barriers, which allows us to work more efficiently and be more agile when adapting to evolving needs on set, whether it’s switching out equipment on a shoot, pre-rigging far-flung locations, or making immediate changes to how a scene is shot. This saves us not only time, but money. 

Ultimately, using Agent-IC has saved us time and money, reduced the overall equipment infrastructure, allowed for remote workflows, guaranteed social distancing and safety of onset team members, and has greatly contributed to my ability to keep working despite COVID restrictions. 

Needless to say, I do not see a future without Agent-IC.

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Vinit Borrison is an award-winning director of photography who has worked internationally for over 15 years. His body of work encompasses a variety of genres including music videos, commercials, documentaries, television series and feature films. He is constantly pushing boundaries with progressive technologies as an early adopter of 8K cameras, drone technology, lightweight gimbals and virtual reality/augmented reality cameras, including proprietary systems which he created and designed. He can be reached at