Chyron used by Sky Sports News HD

Chyron is supplying its technology and consulting services for Europe's first HD sports news channel, the newly launched Sky Sports News HD.

Chyron said it has been an integral partner in the launch of the HD channel. The graphic company's dedicated creative services team worked closely with the sports team to integrate the new graphical look of the channel.

The HD launch also marks the third time that Sky Sports has used Lyric PRO 8, the system behind Chyron's flagship on-air graphics HyperX3 system. Sky Sports purchased 11 graphics systems, together with a Camio Cluster Server and order management system.

Chyron was also involved in the development of the side-panel graphics for the launch. The panels are a new way of storytelling for Sky News HD, adding detail and context to the key stories of the day.

Producer-driven templates are created to track the output, without needing on-air reference or voiceover. They include live video, rendered graphics, analysis and data, as well as live reports from locations, studio guests and breaking news.

To operate the panels, Sky News uses a combination EVS servers (for the video), the Avid iNEWS newsroom computer system and the Chyron products.