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Chyron Partners With CGS In Graphics Delivery System

Chyron has announced that it has established a partnership deal with CGS, a content feed services provider, to provide automated data feed services for Chryon’s Channel Box channel branding and promo system. The combination will provide a centralized source for delivery of automated headlines, stock reports, sports scores and information, weather and more.

“CGS is a leading provider of automated ticker systems and content feed services, and our partnership leverages the company's data feed services along with the versatility and interoperability of the Channel Box to target our broadcast clients' specific needs,” said Lou Garvin, Chyron’s product manager. “The Channel Box is an easy-to-deploy, all-in-one solution for branding and tickers, and we're pleased to be working with CGS to extend the ease with which Channel Box users can deliver timely localized news and information.”

The Channel Box is SD/HD switchable and provides 2D and 3D tickers, snipes, and crawls. It features real-time video graphics effects, clips, along with audio.

“Broadcasters are looking for reliable, relevant news data, all from a single source,” said Bryan Mullins, partner at CGS. “Newschief delivers that content seamlessly to the Chyron Channel Box, providing stations with a complete HD/SD ticker and branding solution.”